• Raphael M.

    Raphael M.

  • Paulo Floriano

    Paulo Floriano

    Chief Product Officer at Revelo. 17 years trying to build the right thing. Benjamin’s father. Vinyl records junkie.

  • Daniel Salengue

    Daniel Salengue

    Product Manager com background em engenharia de software.

  • Letícia Pires

    Letícia Pires

    I help teams create engaging product experiences and new services… with a lot of sharpies, post-its and collaborative mindset. Design Manager @QuintoAndar.

  • Nayra Cruz

    Nayra Cruz

    UX/UI/Front-End Designer and Web Accessibility Enthusiast

  • Juan José Chambers

    Juan José Chambers

  • Viviane Kettermann Fernandes

    Viviane Kettermann Fernandes

  • Jean Aragão

    Jean Aragão

    Ex-moreno, agora pardo-preto. Escritor e desenhista. @_jean_aragao_

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